In many respects, SA Fashion Week marks the coming of age of South African Fashion Week as the country’s only business-to-business fashion platform. Balancing creative vision with entrepreneurial intellect and a keen grasp of the consumer’s hunger for self-expression, designers presented signature looks of a higher calibre of craftsmanship. The designers’ unique selling points carve differentiated niches in a competitive market. The unprecedented success of the SAFW Buyers Lounge which paralleled runway and installation shows, hosted 45 designers including nine from Durban and eight from Cape Town. Buyers from across the country bear testimony to this new energy.

Please view the gallery below for pictures of the VIP section of the South African Fashion & Culture Week over the weekend. One can clearly see how they enjoyed the taste of Africa Lagers from Tuskar, Star to Nigerian Guinness and UltiMalt etc. More information to come.