Our History

Kato Enterprises was born to ‘Share the Taste of Home’ with all who crave. In 1998 Kato imported the first Guinness FES from Nigeria, officially. Since then we have expanded our range of goods, we are now the exclusive importer of Star lager, Gulder lager and Maltina by Nigerian Breweries Plc and Tusker lager from East African Breweries.

We continue to seek opportunities to work with exciting brands that will be loved by UK  customers. The UK is home to a richly diverse consumer base with an appetite for quality brands and unique products. We have much knowledge & experience of African & Caribbean consumers in the UK & elsewhere. We use this valuable knowledge to ensure we develop the best distribution models and market for all the brands that we work with.
Perhaps we are successful because we utilise our DIVERSITY.
Our Kato enterprises team is comprised of team members from villages all across the globe. We embrace diversity and utilise our knowledge to make sure we get listed products to the audiences who will want to buy them.
Our customers and suppliers trust us because they know we have a PASSION for what we do.
We want consumers to love our brands as much as we do; this is reflected in the way we do business. We support the brands we supply in every way we can and more
INTEGRITY is at the heart of everything that we do. We have thrived because we value all of our trade partners, clients and customers.
Our teams operate with high levels of professionalism, efficiency and creativity to make sure we provide a high level of service to all of our partners and customers alike.